Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Ottawa Zine Off - Winter Edition

A sampling of zines from the last zine off.

The fourth Ottawa Zine Off is coming up soon! If you're unfamiliar with this free event, the concept is simple:
  • Create your own handmade "zine" (think, lil' magazine) on any topic you desire
  • Photocopy it 15 - 25 times
  • Come to Pressed (750 Gladstone) at 8pm on February 5th 
  • Swap copies with other zinesters over drinks, coffee, sandwiches etc.
  • Improve your life immeasurably
At our last event we drew upwards of 50 zinesters, and consensus was that the night was on the awesome side. The idea here is to get something done in a limited time frame without the second-third-fourth-guessing that accompanies most creative projects. Zines have a rough, ready, handcrafted quality that most other formats lack, and they lend themselves to raw expression; that said, we had great zines on everything from a reading tea leaves "how to" to short comics about living with a cat. For more information about the nature of zines and this event, check out the Facebook page and/or get in touch with organizers Maxx Critical and JM Francheteau.

You don't have to make a zine to come out... but wouldn't it be cool if you did?